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Oilchem Group is a diversified business organisation with hard-earned reputation for excellent business practices, service quality, service delivery and high performance products. Our excellent business operations create value and superior financial results for our clients and stakeholders. Oilchem strives for world-class performance and cost effective operations Incorporated in September 2006 as Oilchem Drilling Fluids Ltd, today Oilchem Group operates in South Asia, Middle East and Nigeria; We provide drilling and completion fluids engineering services to the national, independent and international Oil and Gas Companies.
Oilchem is in business to create value and achieve superior financial results for her customers and stakeholders . Our Areas of activities encompass:

>> Drilling/Completion Fluids - Products and Engineering Services

.>> Fluids Quality Assurance and Control - work vessel surveys, Marine logistics

>> Oil Well Completion-Tools and testing - Well Clean-Up and Brine Filtration

>> Chemical and Allied Products - Mineral Ore Milling and Packaging

Our Subsidiarie Oilchem Group is the parent company to the following subsidiaries:

1. Oilchem Drilling Fluids  Ltd - A drilling and completion fluids company

2. Oilchem Chemical and Allied Industries Ltd - A Mineral/Ore Milling and Packaging/ Allied Chemicals company

3. Oilchem Well Completion Services Ltd. - A Well completion Services provider4. FluidsteQ Services Ltd -  Fluids QA/QC, Oil & Gas Shipping Company

Quality Management

Oilchem is committed to providing quality products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and continual improvement in the effectiveness of our quality management systems.

Health & Safety

Oilchem is committed to a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System that conform to the best practices of our industry. Health, Safety and environmental consideration are a top priority in the planning and development of our products, services and processes

Environment Management

Oilchem is committed to safeguarding the environment and the prevention of the pollution through the implementation of an effective Environmental Control System (ECS).

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