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Welcome to Oilchem Group.
We are a dynamically focused business organisation committed to providing cutting edge technology in the oil and gas, chemical and allied industries.

Our subsidiaries are vibrant with hard-earned reputation for excellent business practices, service quality, service delivery and high performance products.



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Our business segments are structured into five products and services lines, which share common opportunities in developing and delivery of excellent services to our customers.

The Product Services Line (PSL)
 Drilling and Completion Fluids Products and Engineering Services
 Brine Filtration Services
 Drilling and Completion Fluids Survey and Specialized Services
 Environmental Technology
 Mud Engineering Equipment Sales/Rentals and Services


Our Subsidiaries

Oilchem Group is the parent company to the following subsidiaries:

1. Oilchem Drilling Fluids  Ltd - A drilling and completion fluids company

2. Oilchem Chemical and Allied Services Ltd - An Allied Chemicals company

3. Oilchem Filtration Services Ltd. - A filtration Services provider

4. FluidsteQ Ltd - Oil & Gas Shipping and Haulage Services Company